Beverly, MA Home Inspection

Beverly, MA inspection
beverly, ma house inspection
beverly, ma home inspector
beverly ma home inspection

At 8 Points Home Inspection we will work with you on your new home purchase in Beverly, MA to identify defects and help you understand the issues with your new home before you move in.  Within 48 hours of the completion of your home buyer inspection you will receive an extremely detailed and thorough report describing the findings from your inspection and including representative photos of many of the areas of concern.

Beverly was first settled by Europeans in 1626.  It was named after Beverley, a county town in East Yorkshire, England.  One of the first ships commissioned by the US military was the Hannah, which sailed from Beverly harbor in 1775.  As a result, Beverly claims to be the “Birthplace of America’s Navy.”  Other towns take exception with this claim, including Marblehead which is right across the harbor.

Beverly also has important ties to the Industrial Revolution.  At the turn of the twentieth century, United Shoe Manufacturing built a line of factory buildings that stretched a quarter mile in length.  In 1996, after being closed down for a decade, these buildings began a transformation and are now home to numerous hi-tech companies and medical offices.

One of the oldest homes in Massachusetts is located in Beverly.  The John Balch House was built in 1679 and is still surviving.

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