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8 Points Home Inspection

Our Home Inspector Stays Current

Every home inspector in Massachusetts must be licensed and insured.  No exceptions.  Every two years each inspector must complete 12 hours of continuing education, or CE’s. That’s only 6 hours of training a year.  Our certified, professional inspector is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, which requires that its members complete 20 or more CE hours EVERY year. That’s more than 3 times the educational hours required by the state licensing board.  Spending this extra training time each year means that we are constantly staying abreast of the latest developments, technology and techniques in the home inspection industry.

We Offer a Unique Inspection Report

Home inspection reports can differ greatly from one business to the next.  Some inspectors use a simple narrative-style report while others provide a basic checklist-style report.  These older report styles may not include any photos.  At 8 Points our advanced software creates an easy-to-read inspection report which organizes our findings by system and includes numerous photos and even videos.  Utilizing our web-based reporting system you and your real estate agent can easily create a confidential Repair Request List without having to photocopy or retype the inspector’s original comments.  Your self-generated list of repairs can be presented to the seller as a negotiation tool and can even be included as an attachment to your Purchase and Sale agreement.  Learn more.

Observing and Reporting

A home inspector observes and identifies the major systems and components that make up a home.  The inspector indicates which items are not functioning as intended and need to be repaired or replaced.  By definition, the inspection is limited and visual, so all items to be inspected must be readily accessible.  This means that the inspector does not dismantle any system, does not move personal belongings and does not remove any covers, except on the electrical panel.  Since there may be several ways to perform a repair, a home inspector does not specify which method or technique to use.  Home inspectors are prohibited from estimating the cost of a repair.

Anatomy of a Home Inspection

The Standards of Practice define which household systems and individual components are included in the inspection, as well as which ones are excluded.  Here are a few examples of the items we inspect.

  • Roofing – roof coverings, chimneys, flashing and gutters
  • Exterior – siding, trim, porches and decks
  • Structure – foundations and framing
  • Electrical – electrical panels, visible wiring and receptacles
  • Plumbing – water heaters, piping, drain lines, bath and kitchen fixtures
  • Heating – furnace, boilers and heat pumps
  • Air Conditioning – condensers and refrigerant lines
  • Kitchen Appliances – ranges, exhaust fans, dishwashers and disposers
  • Interior – ceilings, walls, flooring, stairs and railings
  • Insulation and Ventilation – basement and attic


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