Home Inspection FAQ

Q: Do I have to be present for the home inspection?
A: No. However, at 8 Points we believe you will receive the most benefit by being present.
Q: When will I get my home inspection report?
A: Within 48 hours of the end of the inspection. Whenever possible, we try to get the inspection report in your hands even sooner.
Q: Are photos included in the home inspection report?
A: Yes. Photos are representative. Not all items or occurrences will have a photo.
Q: Can I share my report with other people, such as my agent?
A: Yes. You own the home inspection report and will be able to forward a link to the report to anyone of your choosing. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to share the report, but many people want to send a copy of the report to their buyer agent.
Q: How long is the house inspection going to last?
A: This depends upon the age and size of the property. Typically, the duration of a home inspection is 2-3 hours.
Q: Do I need to take my own notes?
A: At 8 Points, we encourage you to take notes during the home inspection, unless it will be a distraction for you.
Q: Are radon testing and termite inspection included in the cost of the home inspection?
A: No. These are optional services that 8 Points offers and are available for an additional cost.
Q: Is the home inspector going to climb on the roof?

A: The roof must be safe to climb and readily accessible. The Inspector will not climb on the roof if he deems it to be unsafe or if he feels it could damage the roof.

Q: Will the home inspector give an overall opinion on the property?
A: No. You have hired your inspector to give an objective analysis of the property. The inspector is not allowed to say anything that would directly influence your decision to purchase the property.

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