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What People Are Saying About Our Home Inspectors

02/20/18 - Laurie L.

David was very competent and thorough in his home inspection process. He arrived early and took his time explaining what he was looking for and why. He even crawled into a small space to further assess the area. If you need a competent inspector who is responsive with post report questions, look no further! Thanks Dave…– Manchester, MA Home Inspection


01/31/18 - Christine R.

Dave was able to schedule the inspection for the next day. I was highly impressed. This was by far the most thorough home inspection I’ve ever seen. He was also great at explaining his observations as we walked through the house together. His follow up report was highly detailed and illustrated with photos to help explain everything. Highly recommend.– Chestnut Hill, MA Home Inspection


10/24/17 - Zhenyu W.

I highly recommend Dave as a home inspector. This is the 2nd home inspection that we ever did and we chose to work with Dave on both. Dave is knowledgeable, funny, professional, and easy to work with. We have no doubt that we will choose to work with him again in the future.– Brighton, MA Home Inspection


10/16/17 - Ian C.

Dave Riddle was very thorough. I was glad to accompany him and hear his explanations of home systems, their operation and signs of age or wear. I have respect for Dave’s comprehensive knowledge and systematic inspection method. The online report was complete, and easy to access. I recommend 8 Points Home Inspection and Dave Riddle. I would hire him again without hesitation. – Beverly, MA Home Inspection


9/13/17 - Colin S.

Dave was extremely thorough throughout the entire inspection process. He made sure to point everything out to my wife and I during the inspection and took the time to explain each item. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who needs a home inspection.– Somerville, MA Home Inspection


9/8/17 - Andrew R.

Felt very comfortable hiring Dave Riddle for my recent home inspection in Boston. Everything was handled remotely and very efficiently by Dave, with expectations and timelines clearly set, and met in every way. Dave was very flexible to accommodate schedules by all involved. Very detailed inspection report with photographs and even videos where appropriate. The web site Dave uses has excellent follow on support for a punch list to knock out when each item is addressed. Cannot recommend Dave more highly. You will not be disappointed.– Boston (Jamaica Plain), MA Home Inspection


7/31/17 – Ally C.

Dave was so kind and is clearly enthusiastic about his job. He arrived early, was very thorough, and took the time to explain how things around the house are supposed to function and why it’s important. He clearly explained what signs he was looking for and what his findings were. He gave great examples and was easy to learn from. As new home owners, this was incredibly helpful. The website he created our accounts in was easy to assess to sign necessary documents and download the entire report. The report itself was well organized and had pictures of our property to help clarify the descriptions. We were very impressed with Dave’s service and will absolutely recommend him to others. – Salem, MA Home Inspection


6/19/17 – Tim P.

8 Points Home inspection. As a prospective purchaser of a property in Salem, I was unable to attend the inspection due to the nature of my work. I was able to have a stand in who I trusted to attend but found his attendance to be unnecessary . From the moment of first contact with David, everything was handled professionally and with great attention to detail. The report I received not only spelled out any and all findings, but provided pictures to support the descriptions within. I was exceptionally pleased with the report and the inspection process as well as the communication provided by David. I would highly recommend 8 Points to any in need of a home inspection. – Salem, MA Home Inspection


6/17/17 – Anne T.

Dave Riddle from 8 Points Home Inspection is a gem. He is prompt in his responses, he is thorough and patient in his explanations. I contacted him after searching on line for a home inspector for a very old condo. He got back to me immediately, he was at the site of the inspection before I was and he was thorough and patient in his explanation of every detail. Although he promised to send the report in 48 hours, I had it in 24 hours with details, pictures, etc. He is knowledgeable, prompt and thorough. Look no further for your home inspection. – Marblehead, MA Home Inspection


5/19/17 – Sam M.

I am a first time home buyer, and my girlfriend and I were referred to 8 Points Home Inspection by our realtor. Having never bought or even discussed a home inspection with anyone before, I was apprehensive about the process. From the moment Dave arrived (worth noting that he was willing to come 30 mins early to accommodate the realtor), my worries melted away. Dave is professional, enthusiastic, intelligent, and patient. He answers all questions completely and is very good at simplifying complex issues for those less handy than he is. I learned a huge amount about caring for one’s home while working with him, and felt extremely confident that no stone was left unturned.

Dave spent three hours inspecting the condo, and identified multiple problems that needed to be addressed. In the end, we needed an HVAC specialist to come examine the furnace and compressor (per Dave’s recommendation), who validated Dave’s concerns, gave us an estimate for the fix, and allowed us to negotiate the final price of the condo. It is also important to note that Dave returned to the condo after the original three hour inspection, because he realized there was one small item he had forgotten to inspect. He did not cash my cheque until he had completed this final detail of the inspection. His 40 page report had pictures and important issues highlighted, with seamless organization. It was easy to follow, and I will keep it as long as I’m in the condo, as it included many helpful home care tips.

If you are looking for a great home inspector you can trust, Dave is a really exceptional choice at a very reasonable price. He really cares about what he does and makes you feel very secure about your potential property. Thank you Dave!  – Charlestown, MA Home Inspection


5/11/17 – Aileen K.

Would highly recommend! As a first time home buyer, Dave Riddle made me feel so much more comfortable with the process. He did an incredibly thorough job with the inspection and explained in detail everything that either needed to be done or could come up in the future. The report that followed was detailed, included photos and videos, and — most importantly — no surprises as he had explained everything to me along the way. Would use again on our next home and would recommend with confidence to anyone buying! – South Boston, MA Home Inspection


5/10/17 – Sally D.

Dave, Thanks so much for conducting the home inspection in Marblehead yesterday. It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate your thoroughness, clear explanations, and good humor!  – Marblehead, MA Home Inspection


4/8/17 – David C.

Having just completed our 3rd home purchase between my wife and myself, we can confidently say that Dave Riddle of 8 Points Home Inspection exceeded our expectations in every manner and we would unquestioningly recommend Dave to all of our family and friends. Dave was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and above all, friendly and accommodating! His price is very competitive when compared to others and the value you get out of it is unmatched.

The Inspection: There was a week between the day that we had our offer accepted and the day the purchase and sale (P&S) was expected to be signed. With only one weekend in between, we didn’t have much time for an inspection. Dave willingly accommodated and gave up his Saturday morning with only a couple day’s notice to make sure we could squeeze in an inspection before signing the P&S.

Dave was already at the property when we arrived and happily greeted my wife and me, excited to get started. As with my experience with previous home inspectors, I expected to just follow Dave around observing him inspect things, write stuff down, and repeat, only to raise a concern if something major came up. Dave did much more than that – explaining to us the implications of what would happen to the siding if the edges weren’t sealed, how to care for the sprinkler system in each season, what to expect with the driveway in 5-10 years and what we should do to care for it, pointing out work yet-to-be-completed, stress testing each of the windows, teaching us of proper care of the HVAC system, testing proper water temperature / drainage systems and proper installation of the electrical components, etc.

He was incredibly helpful with answering questions we fired off at him and rather than get annoyed, he got excited about being able to answer our questions. Dave never pretended to know something he didn’t and would be open and honest when he have an answer to our question. In our conversation, we discovered that Dave was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but he attends conferences to keep his skills sharp! His passion for home inspection exudes through him. When you work with Dave, you know that you’ve got a guy you can trust.

The Report: Not only was the home inspection experience unparalleled, but Dave got back to us with the most detailed report I’ve ever seen by the next day (Sunday)! It included write-ups with annotated images pointing out specifically what was being described. Some sections linked to videos he took with a handheld camera and posted online. The report was incredibly helpful for us to come up with a fully fleshed out punch list for the seller to complete before closing.

Honestly, I didn’t expect myself to be writing a review for a Home Inspector (don’t mean any offense Dave in case you read this!) but after this experience I felt that I needed to get the word out. We highly recommend Dave Riddle from 8 Points Home Inspection and would be happy to provide a reference in case you’re considering working with Dave. – Brighton, MA Home Inspection


4/7/17 – Jane G.

We found Dave through his stellar online reviews, and brought him in to do a new purchase inspection on a condo in a 200-year-old house.  Dave spent 2+ hours looking at absolutely everything, carefully explaining the details to our daughter (who is buying her first home).  He uses a full array of tools — from binoculars (to check out the chimney and gutters) to moisture-sensors for wall patches in the bedroom.  To say he was thorough is an absolute understatement:  he produced a 55-page report, complete with pictures and recommendations — highlighting some critical findings.

We have purchased several homes in our 35 years together, and have never worked with an inspector as efficient and knowledgeable as Dave.  He is head-and-shoulders above every other inspector we’ve ever worked with.  I wish he worked in Connecticut!!  10 stars!!! – Salem, MA Home Inspection


4/5/17 – Ann W.

Buyers have to put offers on homes only after a short walk-through, seeing only what’s on the surface. Your only chance to find out what shape the house is in and actually learn about it in depth before you sign the dotted line is the inspection, so a thorough inspection is crucial.

Dave went over every inch of my house meticulously and explained everything very clearly. Most importantly, he found evidence of a possible underground oil tank. The sellers and realtor had never indicated this and the potential cost can be ruinous if there’s a leak. Fortunately we obtained records of the tank’s removal but that discovery alone made the inspection worth every penny.

He spent hours going over absolutely everything, from the foundation to the roof shingles and everything in between, ranging from extremely important, like supporting beams and oil tanks, to smaller things, like a non working outlet. My realtor said he was the most thorough she’d seen.

He’s very nice too as well as extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend! – Salem, MA Home Inspection


3/21/17 – Leah S.

Dave was very thorough and knowledgeable throughout his entire inspection. As a first time home buyer, having someone take the extra time and steps to explain everything was greatly appreciated! Would recommend to anyone looking for a quality inspection and detailed inspection report! – Boston (Roslindale), MA Home Inspection


3/21/17 – Amanda T.

Dave was fantastic! Would never use another inspector. Very thorough and honest. Puts things into perspective and takes time to explain things. – Boston (Hyde Park), MA Home Inspection


2/28/17 – Shannon D.

Dave is awesome! He made my home inspection experience an easy and pleasant one. He was very friendly and informative. He was very thorough and he spent a good amount of time inspecting every inch of my home. I felt very good after the inspection, he answered all of my questions and taught me a lot of things that I need to look out for going forward with my home. – Randolph, MA Home Inspection


12/19/16 – Stuart B.

I picked 8 Points purely based on the reviews and I was not disappointed. Dave phoned me immediately after I messaged him for a quote and he was waiting for me when I arrived at the house on the day of the inspection. He clearly loves what he does and was thorough in his explanations about the various items, both good and bad, affecting the property. Dave was also hugely upbeat, despite the inspection occurring on the coldest day of the year so far. – Salem, MA Home Inspection


10/1/16 – Sandra A.

Dave answered my phone call right away and after scheduling a time to call me back he did so right on time.  He asked me a few questions about the home and sent me an estimate and agreement detailing the areas covered by the home inspection well beforehand.  When we arrived at the inspection, Dave was already there and dove right into showing us a few areas of the house that needed attention which he had already inspected.  Dave was very knowledgeable and was eager to tell us about his findings.  He was also very thorough.  Our inspection took a little over three hours but we also had a biggish space to cover.  We asked a lot of questions but Dave never seemed annoyed about it, at the contrary, he was happy to explain to us.  You can see Dave enjoys what he does.  It shows in his work and the way he treats people. I would not hesitate to work with him again and would recommend his services to my friends.  – Everett, MA Home Inspection


9/18/16 – Jim S.

We couldn’t have asked for a more thorough and comprehensive home inspection.  Dave really seems like he enjoys his job and readily answered all our questions.   We received the amazingly well organized report promptly and appreciated the summary prioritization of problems. – Lynnfield, MA Home Inspection


9/2/16 – Katherine B.

My husband and I have been through the home buying process four times and Dave was hands down the best inspector we have had the pleasure of working with.  First of all, he was incredibly understanding and flexible when we had to change the date of the inspection multiple times. He was also very responsive to our calls and emails (even months after our inspection). Dave is friendly and down-to-earth and took his time as we walked through the property. He explained everything in detail and gladly answered any and all questions we had. He was also qualified to complete a pest inspection that was required for our VA loan.  Dave is great. If you’re looking for a friendly, honest and competent inspector, you’ve found your guy! – Salem, MA Home Inspection


8/19/16 – Jordan B.

Couldn’t be happier with Dave. This is my first attempt at buying a home and he was thorough, honest and detailed. He took the time to explain his report and discuss with me what the pages and pages of information meant. – Beverly, MA Home Inspection


7/24/16 – Kati M.

Dave is truly a life saver. We needed a home inspection and unfortunately the only time my husband was available was the morning of the Fourth of July and Dave was able to accommodate us. During the inspection he was very detailed, helpful, and thorough. He sent us a very comprehensive report as well as a way to make an itemized list to present our concerns to the homeowner. We cannot thank him enough for all his help. – Beverly, MA Home Inspection


4/27/16 - David C.

Dave recently completed a home inspection on a purchase of an 1890’s home in the North Shore for me and my wife. This is a house that is in great shape, but obviously needs all sorts of stuff done (from heating updates to exterior repair), so we had loads of questions. Dave is incredibly thorough and has a wealth of knowledge to share about various home elements Seriously, this guy knows a lot about a lot. He spent several hours examining the inside and outside, wrote up a big report and delivered it quickly. Most important: he was available for days after to field my phone calls with questions (and he patiently explained everything). He was able to summarize his top issue highlights and articulate what their respective remedies might involve. I would not hesitate to contact him again, or refer him to others. – Lexington, MA Home Inspection


3/28/16 - Alexandra F.

David was *excellent*. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Took great pics and even got into the tough-to- reach spots. The report was very well laid out and written. He was on-time and super friendly to work with. Highly recommend his services! – Beverly, MA Home Inspection


1/13/16 - Vanessa M.

Dave was awesome!!! He’s extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the inspection process. He was very thorough, and explained things in a way that I could understand. As a first time home buyer, these things were very important to me. I dragged my brother along as backup in case Dave wasn’t as perfect as he ended up being, and even my brother said that Dave would be his new home inspector. I would highly recommend Dave. – Saugus, MA Home Inspection


12/31/15 - John R.

Dave performed a home inspection on my single family home at the end of 2014. My family and I could not be happier with the service that we received. His written report and the inspection itself were both extremely thorough. (The inspection was a year ago, back when he was at MKC, and we’ve lived in the house for the past year, so we can attest that there’s not a single thing that got past him.) In addition to looking for safety issues and red flags, he went above and beyond to provide a lot of education about the house’s construction and how to maintain the various systems. We’ve held on to the inspection report to use as a reference guide to help us through our first year as homeowners.

Dave is professional and very pleasant to work with. He was patient in answering our many questions during the inspection and he has a knack for explaining technical concepts to laymen. He exceeded our expectations in every way and I’m really glad that we selected him to perform our inspection. – Salem, MA Home Inspection


9/29/15 - Cathy C.

Overall, Dave is very professional and has a great personality. He is also very respectful of the property he inspects and his client’s time. During our first inspection, he told me that he tries to schedule only one inspection per day so that he doesn’t short-change one client in order to make it to another appointment. I highly recommend Dave and 8 Points Home Inspection! – Quincy, MA Home Inspection


7/20/15 - Nick L.

Dave came out to inspect our first home. He was on time (actually there before us), he was friendly from the start and was knowledgable throughout the inspection. He didn’t mind me following him around and taking notes. He was honest with me concerning issues he came across and explained things I didn’t quite understand in terms I would get. Couldn’t have asked for a better inspection. – Beverly, MA Home Inspection


6/23/15 – Estela L.

I had my condo inspected last week and Dave was my inspector. He was extremely pleasant to work with and I really appreciated how he took the time to explain everything to me and even gave me a few tips. He’s extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and his professionalism exceeded my expectations. He even completed my inspection report same day of inspection. – Waltham, MA Home Inspection


5/8/15 - Jillian W.

Dave, our inspector, was incredibly thorough, insightful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend a couple hours with. He walked us patiently through the entire property, made sure that we were aware of all the problems both big and small, and most importantly to me, he explained everything in layman’s terms. He was also careful to point out what were repairs should be done immediately, versus what projects could be done down the road. As a bonus, he explained which projects required permitting/contractors, and which could just be handyman/owner completed repairs. We got our report next day and it included photos of everything he pointed out. I’m very pleased with his work, and his price was fair. – Chelsea, MA Home Inspection


5/7/15 – Allison G.

Dave was our inspector and he was extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. He was very thorough and talked through every detail while he made his way through the house (all 3+ hours!). His report was equally as great. I don’t often write reviews, but wanted to make sure I did for Dave because he did a great job. Would definitely recommend! – Boxford, MA Home Inspection


3/14/15 – Alfredo A.

Dave inspected a condo we were buying in Westborough, MA. From the get go I was able to tell “this guy knows what he’s doing”. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough. As first time home buyers we had lots of questions (and fears) that Dave addressed in full detail. We ended up not buying the property because of circumstances beyond our control but the one thing I know is that I’ll hire Dave the next time I need a home inspection. – Westborough, MA Home Inspection


10/14/14 – Leslie B.

We were fortunate to have David inspect our condominium unit in the Charlestown Navy Yard before we signed the purchase and sale. He was very thorough, even viewing the mechanics of the 201 unit building and stepping out on the 8th floor roof. He spoke to us on site about everything he noted as needing attention, mentioning the “you might want to” and the ” beware, it isn’t a big problem now but it might be later”, to the “this needs to be addressed.”

His written report was very detailed, and included pictures of the problems he noted and what trades to contact for the repairs. (But not specific companies or service persons) He is a cheerful personable guy, who really seems to enjoy investigating, which really helped ease our rather jangled nerves about this possible purchase. He also offered to help if we had any other or questions in the future, even after the closing! We highly recommend Dave. – Charlestown, MA Home Inspection


7/24/14 - Michael C.

Dave came out for a home inspection yesterday and I must say, it was a pleasure getting his evaluation of the property. I can truly say I learned something. He was personable, knowledgeable and perfectly willing to answer any questions I had and provide deeper insight into an area he knew I was concerned about. I would not hesitate to use Dave again. Thanks so much. – Woburn, MA Home Inspection


5/27/14 - Arong P.

Thank you for your service today. My husband told me that Dave was so great. Thank you again. – Brookline, MA Home Inspection


5/16/14 – Joe M.

We are in the process of buying a place in Salem, and David was our inspector. He is locally based (Marblehead) and so it it good to have someone in the area. David was very thorough (our place is a 2 bed condo and it took around 3hrs), he went into every nook and cranny, and was incredibly informative. The process wasn’t just about getting a report, but I learned so much about the home and about the whole home ownership process. I would highly recommend David and I will definitely use him again in the future. – Salem, MA Home Inspection


5/5/14 - Sara L.

One of the best inspections I have been on it will be a pleasure working with you in the future. – Weymouth, MA Home Inspection


4/14/14 - Sridhar S.

We truly appreciate the great job you did today. Taking time to teach us to become more educated about our prospective house will be extremely useful for us. We cannot thank you enough for the experience. – Concord, MA Home Inspection


4/13/14 - John M.

Great. Thanks, Dave. You have been a big help. – Medford, MA Home Inspection


4/9/14 - Paul M.

I am the agent for the seller and I have reviewed your report. It is very well done and easy to follow. – Newton, MA Home Inspection


4/7/14 - Lauren D.

I received all the information and it looks fantastic! Thanks again for all your help, patience and explaining throughout the inspection. It was truly appreciated! – Arlington, MA Home Inspection


3/27/14 - Catherine T.

Hi Dave. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help with this – we have decided not to move forward with the purchase and are thankful for your inspection report!!! – Wellesley, MA Home Inspection


2/20/14 - Chris T.

You very thoroughly inspected our potential home on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for doing an amazing job. – Cambridge, MA Home Inspection


12/11/13 - Thomas M.

Thank you very much for all the detail you put into the report and for all of the advice you gave us. It will be tremendously helpful in addressing safety issues and as maintenance for our house. We both enjoyed your company that day and it was a pleasure working with you. We will certinaly be in touch if we have any questions and we will also pass your name on to anyone we know who might need a home inspection. – Arlington, MA Home Inspection


2/15/13 – Lauren C.

Dave was amazing! He is a wealth of knowledge. He spent a lot of time going around the entire exterior of the house pointing out things, explaining things, and making some recommendations about fixing them or maintaining them. He did the same throughout the entire interior of the house. He was super thorough with everything. It took a few hours to go through everything but I’m glad for every single thing he pointed out and explained to us. He was punctual, polite, and had a good sense of humor throughout the entire time he was here. He was a pleasure to work with and my husband and I are really glad we had him here. – Boston, MA Home Inspection